Use iPhone to make free calls. Learn how.

Hey folks,  How would you like to make calls on your smart phone for free?  Yes it is possible.  You have discovered Ooma a cutting edge home or business VOIP (Voice Over IP) system.  It is simply a box you plug into your home router.  Want to make international calls for a penny a minute.  Yes it’s possible.  You’ve heard that before you say?  What about the magic jack?  Ooma comes with HD voice quality.  It’s like the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) copper lines from AT&T.  The quality is excellent.  No more problematic problems and yes it comes with it’s on tech support.  Check out this video on how to use an iPhone to make calls and click the link to the right to see it on Amazon.



Amazon’s yearly day of deals starts 9 p.m. ET on Monday

Amazon’s yearly Prime Day kicks off on Monday. This year the company offers bigger and better offers with discounts on thousands of otems for Prime members world wide.

You have 30 hours to shop start time will be 9pm ET on July 10. The sale will end at 3am ET July 12. New deal updates every 5 minutes will be offered.

Some deals are already available. Would you like $50 off on a Bose Soundlink Blue tooth speaker or $20 off a Philips light strip that works with Alexa? Check it click on the image to view.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II – Soft black


Philips Hue Lightstrip

Petya Virus Ransom-ware Spreading

How to fight Ransom-ware.

A few common-sense habits can help mitigate your exposure to malware and ransomware, experts say:

  1. Keep your PC up to date via Windows Update.
  2. Ensure you have an active firewall and anti-malware solution in place.
  3. Ensure that Adobe Flash is turned off, or surf with a browser, like Google Chrome, that turns it off by default
  4. Turn off Office macros, if they’re enabled. (In Office 2016, you can ensure they’re off from the Trust Center > Macro Settings, or just type “macros” in the search box at the top, then open the “Security” box.)
  5. Don’t open questionable links, either on a webpage or especially in an email. The most common way you’ll encounter ransomware is by clicking on a bad link.
  6. Stay out of the bad corners of the Internet. A bad ad on a legitimate site can still inject malware if you’re not careful, but the risks increase if you’re surfing where you shouldn’t.